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Through our Outreach Program, we ensure you have access to safety, essential needs, therapeutic and/or legal supports where appropriate. Our services and programs provide you with knowledge of your rights and ensure they are protected with ongoing monitoring of risk and safety through established trust connections. As the needs of our community evolves, so do our supports. Together, we travel the journey of healing and hope, navigate complex systems, and celebrate your courage and resilience!

Counselling & Support Groups

Safety Plans

Navigating the Court and Legal System

Support Programs for Elder Abuse, Child Abuse, Partner Abuse

Counselling & Support Groups

GRIT Group


A women’s trauma group that educates, equips, and empowers women impacted by violence and abuse. Our program leaders empower participants with the ‘grit, resilience, integrity and tenacity’ that they need to thrive.

Reach out for more information on how to participate in our next GRIT group!

Clare’s Law

Hope Resource Centre is a qualified Clare’s Law Social Service Response Network Service Provider. Albertans (or someone they designate) can apply to find out the potential risk posed by their current or former partner if they have a documented history of violence through The Disclosure to Protect Against Domestic Violence Act.

Community Education

Keep an eye out for Hope Resource Centre-led local education and support groups in your workplace, schools, lodges, clubs, and churches.

My Safety Plan

Safety plans are a personalized and practical plan for you or your children to stay safe when exposed to an abusive relationship, if you are planning to leave, and to protect your emotional and physical wellbeing after exiting a relationship. These plans should be customized to you and your circumstances to ensure you’re supported in the ways YOU need. You can use this plan as a tool when faced with difficult, scary, or potentially dangerous situations with your partner, because your safety is paramount.

When you’re ready to take the first step towards finding support, a safety plan is a great place to start. Please click the Quick Contact bottom at the bottom of the page and our team can help make your personalized safety plan. They are real people here for you 24/7 by phone, chat, or email.

If you are in immediate physical danger, please call 911 or your local emergency number.

Quick Reference Guide AB

Child Safety Plan Template

Signal for Help Responder’s Action Guide

My Safety Plan

You Are Not Alone Handbook with weblinks

Navigating the Court and Legal System

Court filing and Courtroom supports

Along with family court supports, we provide customized co-parenting education tools including access to ‘Parenting After Separation’ required for court parenting orders, co-parenting agreement, mediation and safe visitation services.

Alberta Domestic Violence classes are available beginning at $24/4hr class with more training accessible if required. We provide certificates recognized by Alberta Court of Justice.

  • Kings Bench Court
  • Emergency Protection Orders and Parenting Orders
  • Liaison with Duty Counsel and Crown Prosecutor’s office
  • Visitation family & Child Supervision Services

Prevention and Peer Support Programs

Little Warriors Child Sexual Abuse Workshops

“Prevent It!”

Taking Action to Stop Child Sexual Abuse in-person prevention workshops available at our Westlock office providing local and national resources and information.

“It’s Not Right” Elder Abuse Prevention

Partnering with AEAAC Alberta Elders Abuse Awareness Council and Canadian Network for Prevention of Elder Abuse, we facilitate workshops and lobby for increased awareness for the dignity, equality, and safety of older adults

Rainbows Program

Helping children cope with grief and loss peer support through a court approved peer support program.

SPCA PetSafekeeping Program

Hope Resource Centre is a referral partner to the SPCA Pet Safekeeping Program that provides short-term housing at no charge for animals belonging to individuals in crisis due to family violence or abuse.

Through a confidential placement process, safety for the pet is secured, reducing trauma that pets who have witnessed (or experienced) violence and abuse experience.

Studies indicate 59% of family violence survivors admit to a delay in leaving the relationship out of concern for their pets; risking their personal safety to remain with their pet. This program removes a critical barrier to safety for both the individual and their pet.