Building Empowered Lives Comm Events

Jan 25, 2023

  • CANDLELIGHT VIGIL Annually (November)

In honor of Alberta’s Family Violence Prevention month there with a community smudging and drumming ceremony partnered with local indigenous supports bringing increased awareness to murdered and missing women nationally and from our own community.


Providing non-profit mentorship, board organizational capacity training supports

providing sustainable access to an affordable food source, social connections, volunteer

opportunities, with seniors leading seniors.  Wraparound services supports information

provided to isolated seniors with a toolkit of resources with outcomes of reducing

social, mental health, technological and economic inequities while reminding them of

their value and worth.

  • DANCE 4 HOPE Fundraiser – Annually (June)

A public awareness event hosted by Jazzercise instructor Kerri Wiegand for fourteen years providing a free outdoor class with all participants raising funds for Hope Centre.

These courageous women bring a variety of reasons for participating, with some bringing their children to celebrate safety, equality, and choice publicly. The highest amount raised $14,000 at this event to this date.

  • WOMEN’s SYMPOSIUM: (March annual International Women’s Day)

An annual event that inspires and empowers every participant bringing key note speakers, intergenerational involvement of children sharing their strengths, resource booths for access to community supports and a buffet lunch.